We can’t get enough of those good old fashioned thrill-seeking escapades that involve gallivanting through unsullied, awe-inspiring, natural environments. We have to admit, though, it can be a little discouraging when equipment imperative to our adventuring requires more attention than our actual adventuring. We realized that as much as we loved water-related activities, it was unnecessarily difficult to actually get around to doing them, primarily because of all the schlepping of colossal hardware involved. Though we’re millennials by definition, we so desperately crave that connection to our beautiful natural world in a more sincere way, much like our forefathers of surf. Inspired by our psychedelic predecessors and the overwhelming urge to connect with the ocean in a new way, we started Ten Toes Boards Emporium.


This Ten Toes Board Emporium is the revival and revamping of an actual 1960s surf board brand. Though its lifespan was short, we have been inspired by their ingenuity, playfulness, and love for the open ocean.

We’ve designed our boards to be evocative of the raw yet charming simplicity of early surfing. Located in beautiful Los Angeles where the sun shines brightly almost year round, we’ve pulled elements from authentic retro surf lifestyle.


For us at Ten Toes, it all started with inflatable paddle boards. We realized how great it would be if we could transport our boards with ease, rather than struggle to load and unload and store and try not to damage gigantic and imposing boards. Inflatable paddle boards are just as structurally sound as traditional paddle boards, but can be deflated, rolled, and stored in any cubby anywhere. Our iSUPs shrink to about a foot by 36 inches, allowing you to take them all over the place.


We start with military-grade PVC dropstitched for ultimate strength and durability. There are about 100 threads per inch of board joining the top and the bottom. The heavy-duty stitches are connected to a basecloth, which is covered by a multi-layer protective shell and then attached to an outer layer of stiff Ten Toes military-grade PVC. In addition to guaranteeing that our boards are stable and virtually indestructible, the dropstitch method ensures that the shape of your board is exactly as we designed it. After the board is constructed, we add a textured, non-slip, EVA foam deck pad for comfort and more stability.